Ease Your Pain Without Invasive Surgery

Ease Your Pain Without Invasive Surgery

We offer class IV laser therapy in Columbia, SC

It can be tough to treat joint, nerve and muscle pain with over-the-counter treatments. That's why at Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic, LLC, we're proud to offer class IV laser therapy. This modern treatment method is useful for all kinds of pain, including neuropathy.

We use special, nonintrusive lasers to encourage pain relief and faster recovery. Not only will you feel better once we're done, but your body will continue to repair and heal itself well after you leave.

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Benefits of laser therapy

Receiving class IV laser therapy comes with several distinct advantages. Unlike other treatment methods, laser therapy is:

  • Quick, with most sessions taking less than 10 minutes
  • Very affordable even when not covered by insurance
  • Gentle and won't cause pain or discomfort

See for yourself how effective our laser therapy is by scheduling a session.