Get Expert Spinal Decompression Treatment

Get Expert Spinal Decompression Treatment

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Do you suffer from pain due to herniated discs? Much of the aching is due to pressure on a nerve. Don't live with the discomfort any longer. Let the experts at Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic, LLC help. We offer spinal decompression therapy services at our clinic in Columbia, SC. You can rely on us to relieve the pressure on your spine. We'll have you feeling better in no time.

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3 common causes of spinal compression

As a leading practitioner of chiropractic medicine in Columbia, SC, we've helped many individuals overcome spinal pain and discomfort. Some of the most common causes of compression are:

  1. Car accidents
  2. Sudden movement injuries
  3. Nerve-related conditions

To alleviate the pain caused by these issues, Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic uses a decompression table to reduce the pressure on the affected area. When you undergo this treatment, you'll be amazed by how much better you feel.

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